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Offered services


Dial Code management – An advanced Dial Code management system that allows users to create their own Master Dial Code plan, allowing multilevel grouping in order to be able to produce various levels of price lists as desired.

Price list management – Sales Price lists are automatically created for each customer and service separately. Price lists are computed and send electronically following your instructions, thus ensuring the profit margin you require. The system handles multiple currencies for you automatically.

LCR management – An enhanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) management system that allows You to create and manage your provider dial-codes, to create multiple LCR lists for Your specified services. Teledime LCR management is a powerful tool that allows You to automatically create the LCR on specified time and prepare it to be sent to Your switch.

Customer management – The customer management server gives You multiple options to create, delivery and manage your wholesale customers, and access to, manage your invoices to them and from them. You can access Your invoices by the Web and send them as an attachment to an email.

Billing and Invoice management – An enhanced wholesale billing and invoice management service that gives You multiple options for creating, delivering and managing your incoming and outgoing bills and invoices. You can access Your invoices by the Web and send them as an attachment to an email.

Sales Support – The platform provides all necessary functions to perform and handle the sale tasks (customer introduction, Pricelist importing, Pricelist creation/management, traffic monitoring, invoice handling etc).

Traffic Monitoring– A comprehensive business monitoring service gives you detailed views of traffic analysis per hour, day, month, service quality per destination and customer, profit monitoring pre dial code and customer, as well as other business relevant statistical analysis .

Remote Upload Capability – Users can upload the information required by used the secure transfer mechanism that the platform provides. This includes the Pricelist that their customers provide (which the system will include in the cost of services), the detailed CDRs produced from their voice switch in order to compute the bill, costs and margins as well as the detailed traffic analysis the system is producing, the detailed cdrs that their customers will send in order to perform invoice reconciliation with their providers etc.



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